Frustrated that sex is still painful?


What if sex didn't hurt?

What if you actually WANTED to be intimate with your husband?


Are you ready to solve your pain?

From Pain to Pleasure will provide a proven system to help you:

<simply UNDERSTAND the reasons you have pain

<learn with more than 6 modules of education and treatments

<start EASY treatments to perform yourself in less than 5 minutes a day!

<plus a BONUS game to help you reignite the desire

This program is for you if you:


+ Don't want to dread intimacy

+ Want to ENJOY and DESIRE sex 

+ Want a SIMPLE and PROVEN process to solve your pain

+ Don't want to spend a lot of money/time to get results

+ Can commit to a few minutes a day, 2-3 times a week!



It can be difficult to know how to return to sex 
It can be intimidating to figure out what foreplay is and what YOU prefer
It can be scary for resources on this topic
This game solves ALL of those problems
There are 4 levels of foreplay
Cards are color coded for each level 
Each level increases in intimacy level

Ready to WANT to have sex?

Program will be available for purchase in October

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